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  • Identify pain points for different industries and explore benefits to integrate blockchain technology

  • Compose project proposals and white papers to solve specific problems

  • Offer comprehensive training

  • Provide professional consulting services for blockchain solution at the enterprise level for all aspects 

Giving a Presentation


  • Offer framework design for blockchain technology at different levels, including enterprise, government and industry

  • ​Develop both public and private blockchains

  • Provide R&D and security test for smart contracts as well as App development

  • Provide application and development based on different industry background

  • ​Establish monitoring system for blockchain

Image by Danial RiCaRoS


  • Provide press release writing services

  • Help social media push on top-level platforms around the world

  • Undertake blockchain summit

  • Assist to build and operate social media community in various forms

  • Provide project financing strategy and promotion service

Conference Meeting


  • Provide legal support for both local and oversea projects, including United States, China(Mainland), HongKong and Europe...

  • Provide legal advisory and consulting service, especially overseas exchange markets 

Giving a Presentation
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